Litagility’s software will enhance team performance, reduce risk, lower costs, and provide greater predictability.

Litagility’s BridgeIP™ and BridgeIndex™ applications are a combination of productivity, analysis and management tools designed specifically for patent litigation. The applications serve as a centralized and secure mechanism that captures the litigation team’s analysis, strategy and key work product.

BridgeIP™ builds on previous custom software used by AMLaw 100 law firms and Fortune 1000 companies. Combined, the result is better overall case transparency, more predictable outcomes and improved client satisfaction.  

"As patent litigation teams are asked to deliver greater value, the workflow efficiencies created by the [Litagility] software allows me to allocate more time to strategic work on the case while staying on budget." 


The Bridge products enable In-House Counsel to:

  • See the analysis and thinking behind your case and view the evidence without outside counsel's potential bias.
  • Ensure that work is being performed efficiently by the appropriate team members. 
  • Evaluate the case merits in the same context as the judge and jury will see the case.
  • Record, measure and analyze litigation efforts by the law firms working on your behalf.
  • Greatly reduce preparation time prior to filing a case.

The Bridge products enable Outside Counsel to:

  • Reduce the time required to perform everyday tasks during the entire litigation life cycle.
  • Efficiently harness the knowledge and experience of the entire litigation team as case strategy is developed and refined.
  • Enable senior trial team members to engage and direct the team more efficiently throughout the entire litigation life cycle.
  • Greatly reduce preparation time for client briefings and internal team meetings.
  • Streamline preparation for Markman hearings, expert reports and trial preparation.
  • Capture, manage and institutionalize individual attorney knowledge, thus eliminating duplication of work as attorneys come on and off cases.


Product Overview


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