Software to Facilitate an Improved
Patent Litigation Process

LitAgility works with in-house counsel and litigation teams to drive an improved and more efficient patent litigation process.  We achieve this by making small changes to the litigation team’s workflow using our BridgeIP™ software. Our goal is to help patent litigation teams address the four most common complaints we hear from our clients, they want:

  • Better litigation outcomes

  • Reduced litigation cost

  • Increased transparency

  • Increased predictability


Small changes yield big results

LitAgility's BridgeIP™ application helps patent litigation teams organize, manage and use information to improve outcomes and reduce cost. Throughout the life of a case, the application serves as a centralized and secure mechanism that captures the litigation team’s analysis, strategy and key work product.

BridgeIP™ builds on previous custom software used by AMLaw 100 law firms and Fortune 1000 companies.

BridgeIP™ makes it easy to see the evidence in "courtroom context," as the judge and/or jury will see it, in a side by side format, with evidence associated to a specific claim element. In this format you can easily evaluate not only your burden of proof, but how persuasive the explicit disclosure of the evidence opposed to what the litigation team knows it to mean after months or years of working on the case.


It’s a great tool. We’ve used it to evaluate the strength of cases before filing, to manage ongoing litigation and to quickly ramp up on patented technology and potential infringement issues to favorably settle cases, avoiding litigation.

– Joseph Reagen
VP, AGC, Chief IP Counsel, Baxter Healthcare



For years, reports, surveys and articles have stated that in-house counsel involved in managing patent litigation have been looking for better transparency, predictability and accountability from outside counsel.

Demands on outside counsel are greater than ever. Many litigation teams working under alternative fee caps are balancing service delivery with the firm’s target margins. IP litigation budgets have steadily decreased. There are fewer billable hours to do the work, yet clients continue to maintain high expectations around work product and outcome.

Despite calls for change, the cost structure, staffing and process used by most litigation teams has remained largely the same for the past decade.

The traditional litigation process isn’t sustainable, as the market and client expectations evolve, so should your process.

We started building custom software for patent cases at CaseSight. During this time, the software was used successfully on over a dozen cases. Litagility's BridgeIP™ builds on those earlier versions to provide an application that improves transparency, reduces litigation costs and helps to provide better outcomes.

– Larry Collins

Founder Larry Collins has worked on over 400 patent infringement cases since 1995 as litigation consultant with CaseSight, Inc. During this time, he participated in the litigation process from pre-filing analysis through appeal. This experience and his time working as an engineer created a desire to develop a more efficient and effective way to manage the patent litigation process.

Software: BridgeIP™


  • Software specifically designed for patent cases, and only patent cases

  • Contextually organize evidence and arguments by claim element in a simple, visual format

  • Transparency provides

    1. quick and easy access to evidence in context, for everyone on the team

    2. a convenient way for members of the team to review the strength and weakness of the case and provide direction and feedback anytime, from anywhere


I worked with the LitAgility team and used their software on all my cases, big and small, for the last five years before I retired. I’m big on process, organization, early preparation and full transparency within my team, and my client. LitAgility’s software helped me do that.

– Dave Dolkas
Trial Lawyer (ret.), former Head of IP Group, Silicon Valley, McDermott Will & Emery;
author: “MAP a Complex Case: a guide for Managing, Analyzing, and Presenting a high-risk case.”


Manage client risk - Being right isn't enough

  • Evaluate evidence in “courtroom context,” with a unique side-by-side layout, to know how persuasive the evidence will be

  • Treat and store relevant figures for easy access to help illustrate a claim or position

  • Access a supporting suite of tools to memorialize decisions and simplify everyday litigation tasks


Objectively analyze and strengthen your case

  • Capture and assign evidence from reports or depositions to relevant claims in a few clicks

  • Review evidence with simple, one-click access to the linked source documents

  • Analyze and assess the case in an iterative and collaborative manner, improving tactical decisions


Harness the experience of the entire team.

  • Quick and easy access allows the trial lawyer to efficiently be involved in providing direction early in the case

  • Access both side’s arguments across all patents and claims in the case with one click

  • Identify potential gaps early in the case


Transparency Changes the Conversation

  • Access all relevant case information – easily, intuitively, anytime, anywhere

  • Export charts to common formats with a few clicks

  • Know the arguments are understandable and persuasive


My teams have used earlier versions on multiple cases and we are currently using the newest one. It’s a great platform to manage my cases, my teams, and communicate with my clients.

– Jeffrey Gargano
Trial Lawyer, Morgan Lewis


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