Software: BridgeIP™



Something about the product or that ties in and teases them to watch this if they didn't already......


Manage client risk - Being right isn't enough

  • Evaluate evidence in “courtroom context,” with a unique side-by-side layout, to know how easy or difficult it will be to present the case
  • Treat and store relevant figures for easy access to help illustrate a claim or position.
  • Access a supporting suite of tools to memorialize decisions and simplify everyday litigation tasks.



Objectively analyze and strengthen your case

  • Capture and assign evidence from reports or depositions to relevant claims in a few clicks.
  • Review evidence with simple, one-click access to the linked source documents.
  • Analyze and assess the case in an iterative and collaborative manner, improving tactical decisions

Harness the experience of the entire team.

  • Get the trial lawyer actively involved.
  • Access both side’s arguments across all patents and claims in the case with one click.
  • Identify potential gaps early in the case.

Transparency Changes the Conversation

  • Access all relevant case information – easily, intuitively, anytime, anywhere.
  • Export charts to common formats with a few clicks.
  • Know the arguments are understandable and persuasive.