Litagility's BridgeIP™ software builds on a previous custom software platform used by AMLaw 100 law firms and Fortune 1000 companies. BridgeIP™ provides a user-friendly platform to analyze and display evidence that saves time and enables senior members of the litigation team to provide strategic input and direction more efficiently.   


Claim Construction

  • Create hyperlinked access to proposed constructions, intrinsic and extrinsic evidence.
  • Scroll through the supporting evidence while seeing the claim term highlighted in the context of the element.

Infringement Analysis

  • Review infringement evidence in a side-by-side format with asserted claim elements. 
  • See the explicit disclosure of each piece of evidence to evaluate its persuasiveness and determine if it meets your burden of proof.

Edit Mode

  • Easy to load, highlight, rank, move, delete, categorize and copy evidence to other asserted claim elements.
  • Create headings to organize evidence by witness or type for each claim element.

"Parent/child" Element Linking

  • Create a parent-child hierarchy of asserted claim elements.  
  • Load evidence for the “parent“ claim element, and it automatically populates all the “child” elements with the same evidence.
  • Significantly reduces the time required to assess, load and chart evidence for multi-patent, multi-claim suits.


  • View and evaluate all of your prior art reference evidence in the same side by side format the judge and jury will see it in.
  • Click on the evidence citation to open and view the exhibit the “call out” was selected from.

Build Charts

  • Automated chart building for claim construction, infringement and invalidity contentions.
  • Multiple formats for exporting charts.
  • Export evidence to PowerPoint to jumpstart and save money on creating demonstratives.

Knowledge Capture / Knowledge Management

  • Team Notes feature memorializes what individual attorneys have learned and the decisions they have made…and why.
  • This institutionalizes all of the case decisions and knowledge so tasks are not repeated when attorneys shift off the case.
  • Significantly reduces ramp-up time when new members join the team.

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