Products: Overview

Litagility’s BridgeIP™ and BridgeIndex™ software applications serve as a centralized and secure mechanism for managing and monitoring patent litigation cases. Review and assess financial performance data at the portfolio, team and attorney level, or drill into the merits and work product for a specific case.

The Bridge products support the complete patent litigation life cycle starting from initial case assessment all the way through to trial. The software offers sharp visibility on existing litigation methods and help identify opportunities for improvement.




Outside counsel use BridgeIP™ software for the everyday tasks during the entire case life cycle.

  • Productivity tools reduce the time required to perform case related tasks, saving time and money. 
  • Collaboration and analysis tools efficiently harness the knowledge and experience of the entire team as case strategy is developed and refined. 
  • Capture knowledge and memorialize both discrete and overall strategic decisions regarding construction, infringement, validity and damages, making it easy to inform team members why these decisions have been made and what options have been considered.

Preserving case knowledge helps litigation teams avoid costly duplication of work when attorneys rotate on and off the case.


In-house counsel use BridgeIP™ to review the work product on all ongoing cases. In-house counsel can: 

  • Review work with an unprecedented level of transparency.
  • Evaluate the strength of the case based on the most up-to-date evidence.
  • Generate reports and screen captures to share in-house or with their litigation team. 
  • Review meetings will be more focused and strategic.

BridgeIP software promotes a cost efficient and effective workflow where senior trial team members can easily review work product and provide guidance throughout the litigation lifecycle.




Outside counsel use BridgeIndex™ to monitor and manage team and individual attorney performance on the case.

  • Each team member can see what tasks they are responsible for performing when the tasks need to be performed and how much time is budgeted for completion using the scheduling, calendaring and activity performance features.
  • BridgeIndex™ works directly with a law firm's timekeeping software so there is no duplication of administrative tasks. 
  • The platform provides a powerful project and process management tool for the attorney managing the day-to-day efforts for the litigation.
  • The easy-to-use dashboard displays workflow identifying tasks and team members that are ahead or behind schedule. 

In-house counsel use BridgeIndex™ to easily monitor, manage and report financial performance for the entire portfolio, an individual case, and down to each individual attorney.

  • Dashboards with customizable gauges display the metrics that are important to your business.
  • The reporting function allows counsel to easily print and export financial information to Excel spreadsheets for analysis.
  • Counsel can compare and index the financial performance and litigation outcomes of all the firms representing your company.

Utilizing historic performance data will help improve the selection of outside counsel for new cases based on case type, size and venue.


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