Software Designed Specifically For Patent Litigation

LitAgility's BridgeIP™ application helps patent litigation teams organize, manage and use information to improve outcomes and reduce cost. Throughout the life of a case, the application serves as a centralized and secure mechanism that captures the litigation team’s analysis, strategy and key work product.

BridgeIP™ builds on previous custom software used by AMLaw 100 law firms and Fortune 1000 companies.

BridgeIP™ makes it easy to see the evidence in "courtroom context," as the judge and/or jury will see it, in a side by side format, with evidence associated to a specific claim element. In this format you can easily evaluate not only your burden of proof, but how persuasive the explicit disclosure of the evidence opposed to what the litigation team knows it to mean after months or years of working on the case.


It’s a great tool. We’ve used it to evaluate the strength of cases before filing, to manage ongoing litigation and to quickly ramp up on patented technology and potential infringement issues to favorably settle cases, avoiding litigation.

– Joseph Reagen
VP, AGC, Chief IP Counsel, Baxter Healthcare