A Powerful Advantage in Patent Litigation Management

For today's corporations, intellectual property presents a myriad of business and litigation threats that have changed dramatically over the past decade.  Despite pressure from general counsel for change, the cost structure and process utilized by many firms engaged in managing patent litigation cases has mostly remained the same for past decade.

Corporations and in house counsel engaged in managing patent suits are looking for their outside litigation teams to provide greater transparency, predictability and accountability for work being performed on their behalf. 

Now there is a pragmatic solution to address these challenges.  Litagility’s Bridge products reduce both the cost and the uncertainty associated with patent litigation.

Bridge enables In-House Counsel to:

  • See the strength of your case and view the evidence in real-time anytime you want without outside counsel's potential bias
  • Ensure that case work is carried out efficiently by the appropriate team members at the right time
  • Evaluate the merits of a case in the same context as the judge and jury will see the case
  • Record, measure and analyze key aspects of all of the litigation efforts by the law firms doing work for you

Bridge enables Outside Counsel to:

  • Create a shared understanding of the case and provide complete transparency of litigation work being performed
  • Strengthen case strategy using an iterative process that pressure tests theories and evidence in a truly collaborative format
  • Enable senior trial team members to engage and direct the team more efficiently throughout the entire litigation life cycle
  • Reduce the time spent on collecting, organizing and managing evidence and increase time spent on analysis and strategy

Take a look for yourself.


"Patent litigation involves complex technical and legal issues not found in other types of civil litigation. These differences are what separate Litagility's application from any of the matter management software tools available."